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Are You Sick of Your Job?

The summer is beginning to wind down (sniff, sniff), and now’s as good a time as any to figure out how you feel about your job. If you’re lucky, you’ve just returned from a little vacation that has left you refreshed and inspired about work. If you’re unlucky, you’re slogging through yet another Tuesday and wondering, “Will I ever love my job again?”

Summer job malaise is terrible. It causes you to stare out the window at the sunshine and blue sky, sneak in late and leave early, and spend most of the afternoon scouring for flight and hotel deals on the Internet. Summertime is when you’re most likely to hate your job, if only because there’s so much other stuff you could be doing besides sitting in front of the computer and staring at a blank screen.

But how do you tell if your summer job malaise is fleeting, or if this is a sign that you should actively start looking for a new place to hang your laptop bag once September arrives? Here, a few ways to figure it out.

Written by: Anne Zimmerman
Anne Zimmerman received her MA in Woman's Studies from San Diego State University. She works for a small, family run winery in McMinnville, Oregon and is writing a book about the food writer M.F.K. Fisher.

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